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Preserving Nature.
Improving Lives.

Projects leading to carbon neutrality often translate into restoring natural habitats, or making significant investments in carbon removal technologies in developed countries. Very few actually benefit the communities experiencing first-hand the effects of climate change. 

That’s where Tembo Climate comes in.

We Can Do More Than Aim at Net Zero

Tembo Climate deploys high efficiency improved cookstoves in Sub-Saharan Africa that help reduce deforestation, while substantially improving livelihoods.

Discover Climate Finance That Helps Rural Communities

People should not die from cooking

900 million people in Africa still rely on unsafe & polluting open fire for cooking. 

That means more than 600,000 people -mostly women & infants – dying from smoke-related illnesses each year in Africa.

In addition, collecting firewood for cooking purposes is a major contributor to deforestation in Africa.

Improved cookstoves can help reduce households’ wood consumption by half, and get carbon monoxide emissions down to levels within WHO guidance.

Improved Cookstoves:
A Climate & Social Powerhouse

Improved cookstoves are efficient appliances allowing households to progressively transition to modern cooking methods, once they can access affordable electricity or bio-fuels.

The distribution of such improved cookstoves to rural communities immediately addresses two issues: deforestation leading to global warming, and premature death due to unsustainable cooking habits. 

They also empower women, free up time for education and income generation, while respecting the culture of indigenous communities.

Welcome to High Impact, High Quality, High Integrity Climate Finance

Tembo Climate aims to contribute to unlocking the voluntary carbon market by delivering disrupting, transparent and trusted emission reduction projects.
Tembo Climate improved cookstoves can help reduce households wood consumption by half, and get to acceptable Carbon monoxide levels

We tick 9 of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals, more than most other types of impact projects. We take a stringent & thorough approach to development, inherited from Tembo Power – our sister company involved in the project financing of renewable energy projects in Sub-Saharan African. 

We aim at disrupting the market and setting new standards of transparency & accountability.

UN SDGs Goal 1 - No Poverty - Tembo Climate
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UN SDGs Goal 4 - Quality Education - Tembo Climate
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UN SDGs Goal 13 - Climate Action - Tembo Climate
UN SDGs Goal 15 - Life On Land - Tembo Climate

Why Improved Cookstoves
Must Be Scaled

Our stoves reduce the prevalence of health problems caused by carbon monoxide inhalation, most commonly affecting women and girls in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Clean cookstoves reduce wood consumption by more than 50%. As communities cut down fewer trees, more carbon can be absorbed, drought Is mitigated, and soil Is further protected against erosion. 

When women spend less time collecting firewood and cooking, they have more time to invest in their families, education, and income-generation activities. Girls, traditionally in charge of collecting firewood on the way back from school, can come home early to do their homework.

When women and girls have time to be trained and can attend school instead of collecting firewood, are healthy and able to work, they can start their own businesses, helping communities thrive. Improved cookstoves are much more than a carbon mitigation tool. They’re a lifeline. 

Women empowerment doesn’t stop with the manufacturing and distribution of cookstoves. Our projects facilitate other entrepreneurial ventures: we also teach women how to produce their own soap (reducing preventable diseases), create their own kitchen gardens, and produce fertilizers for use on their crops (biochar).

Participate in the Most Impactful Carbon Credit Projects

Join us on our Journey to Save Over 50 Million Tons of CO2 emissions Each Year, and Have a Strong Social Impact in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Nicolas Rousseau

Nicolas Rousseau

Head of Operations

Nicolas brings over 30 years of experience in understanding employer’s requirements and project specifications, coordinating multi-disciplinary designing from preliminary to ready-to-go ones in Africa.


His expertise includes project development and implementation, general commercial law, intellectual property, marketing, business-to-business agreements and project funding.


Nicolas combines technical and commercial expertise owing to his diversified professional experience:

  • Project Engineer at SUEZ
  • Technical Director at VEOLIA (West Africa)
  • Commercial Director for West Africa, Regional Director for East Africa and then Commercial Director for Africa at EIFFAGE GENIE CIVIL