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How we do it better

Tembo Climate concretely improves African lives


We are experienced

Our Co-founder Humphrey Mulindi brings more than 15 years of experience developing carbon credit projects from prestigious players such as Climate Care / JP Morgan, developing and approving millions of tons carbon credits in Africa, Latin America and Asia. We also benefit from 10 years of experience from our sister company Tembo Power, developing renewable energy projects in Sub-Saharan Africa with the most stringent technical, legal and environmental standards to obtain financing from reputable international lenders.


We empower women

Instead of shipping improved cookstoves from abroad, Tembo Climate trains women on the ground to manufacture their own device. They can even earn money by bringing other women to build their improved cookstoves. This method ensures a strong adoption by women, compared to using an appliance that comes ready-made and which they don’t feel familiar with.


We supply better quality cookstoves

Our improved cookstoves are made of interlocking bricks, allowing easy displacement within a given household. As cookstoves age, they can crack, and may stop being used by women as they start losing efficiency, and become more prone to accidents. Our improved cookstove, already less at risk of heat contraction and expansion due to its brick structure, can be used for many years as women are taught how to re-mold and replace a potentially faulty brick.

Our household stove has an impressive thermal efficiency of 49%, i.e. 1.5x that of most others. That means even less firewood to collect.

Tembo Climate improved cookstoves can help reduce households wood consumption by half, and get to acceptable Carbon monoxide levels

We aim at raising standards to the next level

By setting up revolutionary tracking technologies, Tembo aims at unlocking the support required to truly scale this clean cooking solution. Indeed, carbon credits, currently the only tool to finance such important initiatives, require reliable monitoring over the years.


We do not stop with supplying improved cookstoves

We take advantage of our footprint to add more climate and CSR initiatives, such as the production of natural fertilizers (biochar) for local farming, and soap production (regular soap costing 30% of households’ income) that women can distribute and therefore generate additional revenues. Using soap obviously improves hygiene conditions and helps curb diseases like cholera.

How Our Approach Is Funded:
High Integrity Climate Finance

All of our activities and programs are funded through the sale of carbon credits. We conduct various studies on our program. We submit them to reputable international standards, whose role is to certify and register such programs, and issue the corresponding carbon credits.

See the Concrete Impact on the Ground

This short video tells about the substantial impact already being witnessed in Malawi.

Tembo Climate Malawi Project
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Join us on our Journey to Save Over 50 Million Tons of CO2 emissions Each Year, and Have a Strong Social Impact in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Nicolas Rousseau

Nicolas Rousseau

Head of Operations

Nicolas brings over 30 years of experience in understanding employer’s requirements and project specifications, coordinating multi-disciplinary designing from preliminary to ready-to-go ones in Africa.


His expertise includes project development and implementation, general commercial law, intellectual property, marketing, business-to-business agreements and project funding.


Nicolas combines technical and commercial expertise owing to his diversified professional experience:

  • Project Engineer at SUEZ
  • Technical Director at VEOLIA (West Africa)
  • Commercial Director for West Africa, Regional Director for East Africa and then Commercial Director for Africa at EIFFAGE GENIE CIVIL